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Power Problems

Is 99.9% uptime OK ............... for your heart? 

What protects the heartbeat of your business?

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National Lightning Safty Institute    Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research

Space Shuttle Observations of Lightning    Power Quality Magazine

EC&M Magazine   


Power Facts:

On average, companies lose $100,000 an hour in productivity when networks go down

 (USA Today, 2001)


The average location will experience 107 power events (sags, surges, brownouts and blackouts)

each month (NPL)

The average cost to a customer for a 15 second power interruption is $70,000 (PG & E)

For a one-hour power outage, 91% of work is halted (Duke Power survey)


What is Power Quality and What are the Costs?

How much does downtime cost you?
Even a momentary power problem can result in a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Here, the average cost of downtime is shown for selected industries.








What is the makeup of power problems?
The importance of conditioned power is most evident from this graph showing that Sags, Surges, and Spikes are the most common of power problems.  They are rarely noticed, yet can be the most damaging.  Most businesses only "SEE"  blackouts.

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