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InfraStruxure Data Centers Mean Business

InfraStruxure™ is the scalable and adaptable data center IT room architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Power, cooling, racks, security and management components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated system which is evident in the aesthetics, functionality and ease of management software integration. Taking a broad system view enables full realization of the benefits of going fast, going dense and going green while ensuring your critical availability targets are met. An open system, InfraStruxure™ is the proven "on demand" architecture for data center IT rooms small and large, delivering high availability and real energy savings whether deployed on its own, in a zone, or in incremental steps.
This new generation of InfraStruxure™ delivers:
bulletHigher performance - 25 percent increase in power and cooling capacity, 15 percent smaller footprint
bulletMore scalability - as big as you want to go
bulletFaster and easier planning through operations - automated planning and design tools with open & integrated management and operations software
bulletMore innovation and leadership - from the worlds leader in data center physical infrastructure all while reducing cost!



PowerStruXure Type C

Symmetra Type C    400 - 1,600kW   3 Phase UPS N+1

APC InfraStruXure Symmetra C  200kW power modules up to 1.6MW

PowerStruXure System

Symmetra Type B 10-100kW 3 Phase UPS N+1

APC InfraStruXure Symmetra B  10kW power modules up to 80kW N+1

Symmetra Type A 2-16kVA Single Phase UPS N+1

APC InfraStruXure Symmetra A  2kVA or 4kVA power modules depending on the frame you choose up to 6kVA N+1or 16kVA N+1

PowerStruXure Base Building Blocks


InfraStruXure Base Building Blocks

Components common to all InfraStruXure types


Management Solutions

Management Solutions

InfraStruXure Management Solutions

Software solutions fully integrated for use with APC InfraStruXureTM architecture.

Enclosures & Rack SystemsRack Systems
Enclosures, Open Frame Racks, Wall-mount Enclosures, KVM Switches, and LCD Monitors.
Why InfraStruXure™?  
  • Highest cooling density available (up to 20kW of cooling per rack)
  • Increased runtime from minutes to days
  • Redundant design of system eliminates single points of failure
  • Factory pre-tested system reduces downtime
  • Hot-swappable modules lower mean-time-to-recovery
  • Proactive management identifies potential problems before they occur
  • Locking enclosures provide a secure environment


    1. Adaptability
      1. Rack-based modular approach allows system to be easily moved
      2. Scalable design accommodates changing power densities
      3. Power distribution system accommodates all receptacle types
      4. Vendor-neutral enclosure guarantees compatibility with all major IT vendors
    2. Speed
      1. Pre-configured systems (Single Part Numbers)
      2. Web-based configuration tool simplifies the design process
      3. Configure-to-order approach accelerates installation
      4. Integrated pre-engineered system eliminates need for on-site system test
      5. Rack-based, standardized modules facilitate quick installation

    Total Cost of Ownership

  • On-demand design prevents oversizing and lowers cost
  • Standardized modules minimize one-time engineering costs
  • Built-in redundancy eliminates need to buy second UPS
  • Integrated cabling and cooling eliminates need for raised floor
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