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Power Services

Power is the number one cause of downtime (over 45%) in US corporations.

 Power problems cost business thousands of dollars each year in downtime, data loss, equipment maintenance, and repairs.

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Turn Key Installation Services


Planning, design, and seamless integration are just as important to our customers as the hardware itself.  LED takes your Data Center project from the design stage, delivery, positioning, and electrical wiring all the way to system startup and training to insure a reliable cost effective total solution.  Complete project management from start to finish.  Let our power,  air, and enclosure professionals provide all the necessary components to make any new or replacement installation a smooth transition. 




Site Audits


For little or no investment, LED Enterprises, Inc. will travel to your business and assess your data center critical power infrastructure to establish guidelines for future recommendations.




Future Planning


LED Enterprises, Inc. will work with you to determine your current power protection, air, and enclosure needs and discuss your plans for the future.




Equipment Proposal


Because LED Enterprises, Inc. is an independent (non-manufacturer) service company; our only loyalty is to the end-user. We evaluate and recommend the best products in the industry, not the best products from a single manufacturer. From Power Architecture Design and complete Project Management of medium or large complex systems to simply shipping you a small UPS LED provides you with the flexibility to determine the level of expertise you need.




Equipment Implementation


LED Enterprises, Inc. will tailor an installation schedule around your businessís availability. We understand that an installation during normal business hours may not meet your needs. Therefore, evening and weekend installations are available to ensure maximum uptime of your critical operations.  With proper planning and scheduling we can minimize downtime while reducing overtime costs.




Post Installation


At LED Enterprises, Inc., we donít consider our job complete until youíre 100% satisfied. We will continue to meet your needs with our periodic follow-ups to ensure that you are not left in the dark.


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UPS Services


LED offers a complete range of services for all sizes and manufactures of UPS.

 Project Management Services          Battery Replacement Service

 UPS Preventative Maintenance Service          UPS Start-up Service

 UPS Maintenance Contracts       Battery Preventative Maintenance Service

   Site Surveys          Site Analysis Service       Battery Maintenance Contracts      

  UPS Installation and Relocation Services


Rental Services

 UPS Rental       Generator Rental       RPM Monitor Rental       Spot Cooler Rental

LED provides quality Data Center Infrastructure products for short and long term rentals.


Many Information Technology (IT) Managers have found themselves struggling with a temporary shortage of UPS power and cooling capacity.  Increased risk to critical high availability data systems is a reality. Shortages of UPS power and cooling capacity can occur when implementing new server or storage systems projects that may require simultaneously running old data systems with new systems until the actual changeover occurs.  Additionally, the temporarily merging of offices or data centers can cause overloading infrastructure.  Even an imminent move is to occur months from now yet you have exceeded your UPS and cooling capacity. Purchasing infrastructure at this point is just cost prohibitive since you only need a temporary data center solution.  LED can quickly provide you Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) rentals, Spot Cooler rentals, and even Generator rentals within the Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex.  LED maximizes your budget saving your company  money, time, and most importantly, critical high availability data.


For short or long term rentals call LED Enterprises for availability

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Power Quality Audits

Electrical distribution wiring and grounding errors are the leading cause of data errors and equipment failures.  If you have experienced problems yet are unable to find the cause, this service may be your solution.


Consists of a complete Checkup and Diagnosis of your:

   Electrical Distribution

   Overall Building Grounding 

   Mechanical Room Soundness   

   Step-down Transformers

   Electrical Panels and Branch Circuits

   Individual Equipment as Required   

   Includes Power Quality Monitoring and a Comprehensive Detailed Report

    with Corrective Recommendations


Power Quality Monitoring

The Power Recorder measures and records undervoltage, overvoltage, spikes, transients, harmonics, waveform, and consumption.  A comprehensive report is provided after the monitoring period.  Both single and three phase voltage sources can be monitored.

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