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The HID Swinghandle is opened by reading a registered HID proximity card. Access is not granted to non-registered HID cards.  HID cards can be authorized and de-authorized directly by a master card, or from the computer by the user software via network. The communication between the Swinghandle and the PC is through a Junction Box and then to a Wired Gateway.


Opening after reading an authorized card

Memory for 32 time segments

Memory for 2,048 keys per handle

Integrated logbook for 500 events

Event controlled communication

125 kHz Transponder with fixed number (HID 26 bit system)

Wired network-based online system



Two components E-LINE Swinghandle and reader module

Status indicated by multi-color LED

250 handle addresses supported per gateway

Network communication by wired connection with gateway

Input for temperature sensor

Input for alarm sensor

Additional digital input

Real-time clock

Power input 12 V DC, 40 mA (max. 430 mA)


HID Proximity Swinghandles for cabinets and enclosures

Supports existing user access configuration with time dependent admission and HID proximity cards

Access control and monitoring

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