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APC Type Symmetra C InfraStruXureTM              LED is InfraStruXure Certified

InfraStruXureTM Type C is optimized for a centralized methodology in medium and large data centers, for individual loads of 40kW or greater, and for installations of 1mW or greater.
Medium Data Center
Large Data Center
Single-phase or 3-phase Input Power
500-5000 ft.2
3-phase Input Power
>5000 ft.2
Type C Components
alt="Photo: APC UPS"
SilconTM 3-phase 10-500kW UPS w/N+1 capability
bulletParallel up to 9 modules (up to 5 modules without the use of an external static switch)
bulletDelta Conversion On-lineTM topology provides:
bullethigh efficiencies
bulletlow input current distortion
bulletinput power factor correction
Symmetra® 3-phase 400-1600kW UPS w/N+1 capability
bulletInput/Output Section houses all bus bar required to wire UPS system for faster speed of deployment
bulletElectronics section proactively predicts failures for continuous preventative maintenance
bulletPower module section has self-isolating, self-diagnosing inverters
bulletRack-based design saves space
bulletConfigure-to-order options available
bullet(2) 42-position power panels provide >2 circuits/kW, eliminating need of multiple remote power panels


APC InfraStruXure PDF Brochure

Traditional data center architecture approaches force you to build out to full capacity from day one, yet 100% utilization of the designed capacity is seldom reached. This results in long deployment schedules, unrecoverable capital and the maintenance of expensive service contracts on under-utilized systems. InfraStruXureTM offers a pay-as-you-grow, infrastructure on-demand solution that accelerates speed of deployment and allows you to invest in a data center infrastructure sufficient to meet today's demands, rather than an uncertain estimate of future capacity. Because InfraStruXureTM lets you build out capacity only as it is required, your capital outlay is optimized and utilization rates are much higher. Higher utilization with a greatly reduced capital cost lead to a larger return on investment with less risk than traditional data center infrastructure solutions.

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