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Mission CriticalGard TS Series


The Mission CriticalGard TS Series is expressly designed to provide the highest degree of protection available for computer LAN and WAN Networks.


An Industry Best

Patented five stage hybrid technology

Modular design

Unlimited customer configurable expansion

Built-in safety

Automatic grounding

The TS Series beats ULís best 330 Volt suppression level by more than 100 Volts

Tested to all national and international standards


Patented Technology


Technology: Five stage hybrid circuit protects more than hardware by controlling all transients to a low level minimizing system downtime and corruption of software.


Safety: Fail-safe protection is provided through both in-line thermal and short circuit fusing.


Interface Protectors

The Interface Protectors provide in-line protection between incoming data cables and equipment I/O ports. These bipolar units plug directly into the I/O ports and their respective cable connectors. Installation is fast and easy. Protection is secondary and recommended where the equipment is located more than 30 feet from the primary source of protection.


Expansion: The snap-in feature allows for the addition or change of data lines as required.

Automatic Grounding: Critical ground connection achieves a common reference for both AC surge protection and communication protection modules. This eliminates the most common error in suppressor installation.


Design: State-of-the-art technology is used to provide the extremely precise control of transient voltages necessary to protect communication interfaces.


Snap-In Communication Port Protection (SI) Modules

The TS Series coupled with the SI modules protect your network from more than just hardware damage, it also protects against system degradation and data corruption.

Telecommunications Applications

LAN Applications

EIA Data Applications

COAX Applications


Snap-On SO Series Multi-Port Communication Protection

The SO Series is a completely modular communication line interface protection system, providing an effective barrier between uncontrolled transient environments and electronic systems. Designed for multi-port or single port applications, the SO Series offers a flexible and uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach. The SO can be utilized as either a standalone device or as building blocks to create an unlimited multi-port network protection system.

LAN Applications

Telecommunications Applications


Installation Options

Individually wall mountable for specific applications when only a single communication line requires protection

Optional DIN Rain mountable for multi-port hubs, concentrators, or where many lines are installed into the same area.

Each rail assembly will accommodate a mix of up to 32 SO modules and can be mounted on any flat surface or mounted in a 19" rack.


Plug-In Standalone Communication Protection (PI)

The PI Communication modules are designed for applications when AC power is already protected by a UPS or other AC protection device.

CFC Warranty (5 Year Exclusive No Fuss Product Warranty)


CFC Solutions Inc. guarantees its data products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and in accordance with the instructions provided. If it fails, we replace it!

CFC TS Series Brochure

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