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CFC Plus Series Brochure

Surge Protection Performance


The KEY performance parameter of any surge protector is how well it controls surges. At the service entrance and main panel, the LOWER the voltage let-through to the facility, the better the protection. A high let-through voltage at the facility entrance will stress other equipment and small surge protectors located within the facility.

Mission CriticalGard’s Patented large block MOV technology achieves excellent control of all transients. Indeed, as the severity of the incoming surge increases, the performance of Mission CriticalGard PLUS actually improves.


Patented Module Design


Each module independently tested to 150,000A – including all fusing mechanismsModule enclosure is UL-94 5V rated


Two totally independent protection stages in each module¾" square tin-plated copper tabs bolt down for ultra low impedance connections. No plug-in modules (plug in modules add unnecessary impedance in the surge path).


Massive large block MOVs withstand the real surge environment. These MOVs are the same diameter as those used in high voltage arrestors for the past 30 years. No 18mm or 20mm MOVs (20mm MOVs in parallel cannot match large block capability on long duration surges).


Eutectic alloy thermal fuse passes UL1449 second edition and also withstands lightning surge currents, proven by independent testing. No standard thermal cutouts. Standard thermal cut outs may pass UL, but they can fail at surge currents as low as 10kA.

Mission CriticalGard Plus Series


A protection System that can be specified and configured to meet the exact needs of any facility.




150,000A to 600,000A capability

Small, light and powerful

Upgradeable on site

Patented technology

10 Year Warranty


Mechanical Specifications


Mission CriticalGard PLUS is 20% to 50% smaller in size than other protectors claiming similar performance. Small size means easier installation and a better installation since the protector can often be located closer to the panel thereby minimizing the effect of connecting lead length.


Electrical Specifications


Mission CriticalGard PLUS can be specified with full 10 mode protection and surge current ratings up to 600,000A (8/20us) Even more useful is the fact that models can be upgraded on site at any time. A Mission CriticalGard PLUS 150 can be upgraded to a 450 or even a 600. This degree of flexibility is an industry first.


Duty Cycle Performance (surge life)


The extensive, independent testing performed on Mission CriticalGard PLUS with multiple test waveforms shows that Mission CriticalGard PLUS will tolerate and protect against the most severe electrical environments. This evidence is supported by extensive field experience in areas known for lightning activity such as Africa, and the Far East. CFC's 10 Year, no fuss warranty simply reflects our experience and confidence.


Optional Extended Range Power filter Module


CFC’s unique filter module eliminates a broad range of load or line generated high frequency noise. Bi-directional in performance, this option complements the performance of any MISSION CRITICALGARD PLUS.


Optional Multi-Mode Surge Counter


The optional surge counter, unlike the majority of competitor products, actually counts the number of times a surge current is being discharged when a transient is surpressed. Many competitive products count only voltage impulses. These counters show the number of transient voltages that exceed the manufacturer’s predetermined counter threshold, but NOT how many times the protector has controlled the transient. Every time a surge protector controls a transient voltage, surge current is discharged. Therefore, by counting only the surge current that is discharged, Mission CriticalGard PLUS actually counts the number of times it has worked.

10 Year No Fuss Warranty

If it fails, we replace it immediately!


In the event that any component or subassembly within the unit fails to perform as specified during the 10 year warranty period, just call our customer hot line (877) 288-3888, to obtain a Return Authorization Number and CFC Solutions Inc. will immediately ship a replacement for the defective module free of charge (installation labor and site preparations excluded).


Then return the defective module to CFC Solutions Inc. within 30 days of receiving the replacement. It’s just that simple. No hidden limits – No nonsense!


NOTE: This warranty excludes the SAD modules, which are 10 years or two free replacements, whichever comes first.

CFC Plus Series Brochure

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